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Comprehensive Care in a Friendly, Comfortable Office


When you come to our Greenbrae office for care, you can expect to be treated with warmth, familiarity, and compassion.Our primary goal is creating healthy smiles, and doing that well depends on us building a strong, trusting relationship with you. It also means offering the widest range of services we can.On any visit with Dr. Shapiro, you will feel welcomed and comforted as she assesses your needs and talks to you about your treatment options. Using her years of experience, and her extensive training and education, she will help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

Full Mouth Exam

One of the most important aspects of dentistry is the full-mouth exam.A full-mouth exam tells your dentist how your smile is doing so that more advanced care can be provided.At our Greenbrae dental office, we are committed to checking for the most basic oral health problems—like gum disease and cavities—as well as more advanced issues, like oral cancer, and problems caused by the misalignment of teeth (also known as malocclusion). Providing personalized care depends on Dr. Shapiro having a complete understanding of your needs,so we take our time with exams. Afterward, we’re happy to listen to your questions and provide answers. We want you to be equipped to make informed choices about your own care, and having your questions answered is part of that process.

Emergency Care When You Most Need It

You can’t predict when a dental emergency will strike.That’s why we try very hard to be available when you need us most.If you ever find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency and you don’t know what to do, call our office at (415) 461-5926.We would be happy to discuss your situation and advise you on the appropriate action to take.Some emergencies may have an easy solution, while others may require an office visit as soon as possible. Don’t let an emergency wreck your day or your oral health—call us for help.

Staying At the Forefront of Dental Care

Every year, the tools and technology of dental care change and evolve.As a product evaluator for the Clinicians Report, Dr. Shapiro is able to stay at the forefront of care.What’s more, our office is equipped with some of today’s best digital tools to make diagnosing and treating some of the most common oral health problems easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.Your smile is in good hands with us.

Call our Greenbrae dental office at (415) 461-5926 if you’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shapiro. Our practice is committed to comprehensive exams and patient education, and we offer a broad range of today’s best general, cosmetic, and restorative services. We’re happy to serve patients from San Rafael, Novato, San Francisco, Berkeley, Greenbrae, Corte Madera, Sausalito, Kentfield, Mill Valley, Tiburon and all surrounding communities.

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