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Dr. Shapiro Keeps His Patients Safe and Healthy with Digital Radiography

Many patients have expressed concern about radiation exposure from x-rays used to detect and diagnose dental problems. Dr. Shapiro understands these concerns. That’s why his office has moved from film based to digital radiography imagery. Dr. Shapiro uses the latest digital radiography techniques and equipment to significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure during an exam. Digital radiography can help Dr. Shapiro find dental caries, periodontal disease and periapical disease (dental abscess) faster than ever before. Digital radiography has all but completely replaced the traditional film x-rays of the past in both private practice and dental schools. Dr. Shapiro has fully embraced these modern x-ray methods and is committed to continually finding the safest and most effective ways to treat and care for his patients. Make an appointment with Dr. Shapiro today to preserve and protect your good dental health.

What is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is an up to date and innovative radiation reducing technology, utilizing computers and radiation sensitive detectors. Digital radiography is able to capture an image, convert it into numeric data, and then display it on a nearby monitor.

What is the Difference Between Digital Radiography and Traditional Radiography?

X-rays are still the primary energy source used to produce radiographic images. All dental x-rays are administered through the radiation protection principle: as low as reasonably possible (ALARA). Although you still need to wear a thyroid collar for protection, digital radiography requires significantly less radiation than traditional film radiography, and digital radiography is equally as effective as film radiography in providing the imagery evidence necessary for diagnosing and treating dental issues.

What are the Benefits of Digital Radiography?

What’s the Difference Between Intra oral and Extra Oral Digital Radiography?

Digital dental radiographs can be taken inside (intra orally) or outside (extra orally) the mouth. Intraoral x-rays are the most commonly taken kind of dental x-ray. Intra oral x-rays provide great detail and are used to detect cavities, check the status of developing teeth, and monitor the condition of your teeth and bone. Extra oral x-rays do not provide the detail of intra oral x-rays and are not used to identify individual tooth or gum problems. Instead, they are used primarily to detect impacted teeth, monitor jaw growth and development, and identify potential problems of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ disorder).

Why Should You See a Dentist Who Uses Digital Radiography?

Dr. Collin’s Digital Radiography Appointments in Greenbrae, CA

Although digital radiography is equally as effective as traditional film radiography, the quality of digital imaging remains skill dependant. This means that where you choose to get dental treatment matters as much as what technology is used. Dr. Shapiro is a highly qualified dental technology expert, and his team is experienced and well trained using digital radiography equipment and techniques. You can trust Dr. Shapiro and his knowledgeable staff to consistently deliver the safest and most effective treatment possible. Early detection and treatment of dental issues using digital radiography can save you time, money, and discomfort. Make your appointment with Dr. Shapiro today for the dental care you need to stay healthy. Dr. Shapiro proudly serves patients throughout Greenbrae, CA, Larkspur, Kentfield, Ross, San Rafael, and the surrounding communities.

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